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Elevating Organisations Through Data and People

eg.1 is a business insight and talent consultancy, driven to help businesses scale and disrupt the status quo of industries around the world.

Our unique approach to market intelligence allows us to get under the skin of our clients’ sectors. As an independent third party, we give honest answers to business leaders to help them understand where they should be hiring, investing or pitching to grow. We leave no stone unturned in showing our clients where to play and how to win.

This groundwork leads naturally into our executive search function. Our weeks of market intelligence empowers our team to pinpoint game-changing professionals, teams and companies that help our clients meet their goals quicker.

Our view on what it takes to grow a business

We believe that game-changing organisations are not driven by mediocre individuals.

The sustainable growth platform of any business is underpinned by key individual, team and company acquisitions. These are professionals with the ambition and skillsets that are intrinsically in tune with your organisation.

How we propose to go about it

We propose to elevate organisations through the provision of game-changing data and people.

For more than a decade, eg.1 has successfully interrogated the most competitive industry landscapes and segmented target markets for some of the biggest names in global business.

From growing market share and benchmarking digital strategies to attracting blue chip clients and rejuvenating global sales functions, we not only identify the growth opportunities but seek out the game-changing individuals that can achieve it for you.

We’re a truly global firm

By leveraging our network, we can operate wherever your need us to, with in-house capabilities spanning over ten languages.

Our international team gathers critical local market data to support key assignments handled from our global headquarters in London.

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