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People say that our team is special; they like that we don’t have a political environment and whilst everyone has a different background we all strive to do what is best for our clients. We prove time after time that if we look after them then they will look after us.

As a business we keep things simple. Our transparent culture and belief in doing what we say we will seems to work, as we keep beating the most established names in the business. At eg.1 we excel because of the precision and rigour of our research, conducted using an exceptional process by highly talented people with industry expertise. Our staff won’t just move into the biggest jobs at eg.1, they’ll move into the biggest jobs wherever they want.

Whether you are looking for a role in our Research Community, Consultant Group or Business Services you must be energetic, ambitious and an entrepreneurial problem solver with great discipline. These people are rare and this is the only thing that stops us growing – we don’t hire people who we feel aren’t superb. Typically they will find the traditional professions stultifying, the big corporations unmeritocratic, back-office roles lacking in flair and sales roles a little bovine.

We don’t have an ‘up or out’ culture; we collaborate and encourage each other to be brilliant, but this doesn’t mean you have to move into a job you don’t like. However to work for us you do need that natural inclination towards being exceptional. You also need to be an unflappable problem solver who can communicate complex issues succinctly to some very important people. This is not a FTSE 100 firm and you won’t have your hand held every step of the way; if you are good you’ll go far, if not you’ll go to one of our competitors…

If you are interested in working with eg.1 please contact our Talent Manager.

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