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How should you measure the quality of hire?

Nathan Ott, Director at eg.1 was asked “How should you measure the quality of hire?” “Too many organisations continue to focus on qualifications, past experience and personality when it comes to recruiting and judging the quality of the individuals that they hire. Focusing solely on who ‘fits’ into your organisation and who appears to get… Read more »

The Bigger Picture Showcase The DNA of a Game Changer

The Bigger Picture Showcase The DNA of a Game Changer Jonathan Blain, Author, Professional Career Advisor and GCologist, appeared on a satellite TV programme, The Bigger Picture, today talking about The DNA of a Game Changer. He talks about Game Changers and eg.1’s new organometric, The GC Index. He says, “eg.1 has identified certain people… Read more »

The Formula that breeds confidence

eg.1’s Chief Psychologist Dr John Mervyn-Smith writes for Dialogue Magazine on trusting in the workplace. Trust would appear to be hard-wired but yet many employers do not trust their employees. However, respect and trust top the list of what employees value the most. What can be done and how can ground-breaking tool The GC Index help?… Read more »

Time to change the GAME

Whenever a group of Facilities Management professionals come together you know it won’t be long before talk turns to getting more talent into the industry. About making it a career of choice. About innovation. These are roadblocks that Nathan Ott, eg.1 CEO, can help the industry navigate. He has a new way of looking at progress… Read more »

Discover your unique talent to identify Game Changers

All organisations dream of having that something special, those employees with an unbelievably unique talent whose visions and actions have the potential to really change the way things are done around the business. Game Changers. Heads of HR, senior directors, consultants and Game Changers recently gathered at The London Edition for an exclusive workshop to… Read more »