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Procurious – Big Ideas Video

MY BIG IDEA ‘My Big Idea’ is 3-minute video, which challenges thought leaders to share their Big Ideas for the future of procurement. eg.1 CEO, Nathan Ott’s ‘Big Idea’ is that everyone can contribute. In his Big Ideas video, he argues that while not everyone is a “GameChanger, everyone is capable of making game-changing contributions,… Read more »

eg.1 on camera!

STRIKE A POSE We’re very excited to be able to share our new video with you…we would love to hear what you think of it, so please get in touch!  

Now’s the time to let your game changers fly

Game Changers. They exist. But they are incredibly rare and quite often understated. People with an unbelievably unique talent – people whose visions and actions have the potential to really change way things are done in your business. They are more than high potentials or difficult employees: they are Game Changers. Here Nathan Ott, eg.1… Read more »

Who Will Leverage Your Business Performance?

Game Changers are not always found among the C-Suite, quite the opposite. The Game Changers could be the ones in the corner quietly getting on their work without anyone fully realising their potential. It’s time for the UK economy to learn to harness the power of their most powerful asset, says Nathan Ott, CEO of… Read more »

A Game Changer is born

In a recent TM Forum article, Nathan Ott, eg.1 CEO, talks about the 2015 ‘The DNA of a Game Changer’ study and considers the traits that Game Changers have. As Richard Branson once pointed out, Game Changers are rarely “normal people”. See the full article here.