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eg.1 are proud to have Dialogue as our media partner. 

Dialogue is a global media platform for management and leadership. Its worldwide network of partners enables Dialogue to share global thought leadership with its audience of more than one million readers around the world.

The Dialogue platform is created specifically for leaders, managers and policymakers, to help them navigate a complex world. Global in its design, every feature brings perspective from a diversity of markets and cultures. The crux of the journal is about breaking silos within companies, throughout business and across borders.

Its focus is collaboration: that by sharing ideas, goals can be reached effectively. It is designed to generate conversation between chief executives, senior managers, academics, consultants, shareholders and charities – quality is assured through peer review in various formats, rather than academic review.

Dialogue focuses on business issues – what can be done to address world issues today? Immediacy of ideas is important. It champions practical ‘how-to’ ideas for readers as well as thought-provoking articles that challenge readers to ask themselves: “What do you think about this?”

With its unparalleled access to cutting-edge management wisdom and ideas, Dialogue is the perfect platform to help the world’s leading executives understand what’s coming, and manage the future.

Nathan Ott, eg.1 CEO, says of the partnership “We are delighted to be working Dialogue Review as our Global Media Partner. It is an extremly forward thinking publication underpinned by the rigour and research of the world’s leading corporate education instutution – Duke University. Together, we can continue to make a game-changing impact in the world of corporate and social leadership.”

To find out more Dialogue visit their website or get in touch by tweeting them!

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