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Looking to keep your finger on the pulse of business insight and talent management? Stay tuned to our latest updates section, where you’ll discover market trends and thought leadership posts, as well as company updates from eg.1’s global team.

Professor Adrian Furnham tells us how organisations can #ChangeTheGame

HOW CAN YOU CHANGE THE GAME? We have been using The GC Index for some time now to help our partners create game-changing teams. Last week, The GC Index team

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Now is the time to help ‘game changers’ to transform our future

Now is the time to help ‘game changers’ to transform our future. If you think game changers are a different breed, then you are right, so says Nathan Ott, Co-Founder

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eg.1 at TM Forum in Nice

eg.1 CEO, Nathan Ott and Chief Psychologist, Dr. John Mervyn-Smith are in Nice this week for TM Forum Live. The event runs from 9 – 12 May, with companies across

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Can software profile people better than HR?

HR Magazine interviews Dr John Mervyn-Smith, Chief Psychologist at eg.1, to find out whether you can ever truly use software to measure areas and qualities previously thought to be the domain

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eg.1 opens new North American Office

eg.1 opens new North American office to support demand and continued growth eg.1, business insight and talent consultancy, today announced that it is opening its first corporate office in North

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HR Magazine staff & The GC Index

Staff from HR Magazine took the ground breaking assessment tool The GC Index® What did they make of it, did they find it of value and what they learnt, will it

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eg.1’s very own Rugby World Cup hero!

Here at eg.1 HQ in London we are so excited to have our very own Game Changer deliver the ball for the Rugby World Cup final. Rosie, daughter of our

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New instrument launched to help businesses identify Game Changers

eg.1, has launched The GC Index in partnership with Adrian Furnham, Management Expert and Professor of Psychology, following on from research published earlier this year. The GC index enables organisations

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Ground Breaking New Career Management Platform

eg.1 is proud to be a founding member of NotActivelyLooking.com Not Actively Looking is a new service to help senior executives manage the way their profile is viewed by executive

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Isabelle Spiegel joins Arcadis

Arcadis appoints Isabelle Spiegel Spiegel joined Arcadis as Strategic Environmental Consultant. Previously she was at PwC, where she has been since mid-2001 and served as a Director of the Sustainability Strategy Group. She had previously been

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