eg.1 diversity™


Looking for the same people in the same places can never foster a diverse and balanced workforce.

The benefits of an inclusive, diverse and engaged workforce are well documented – it can improve the bottom line. In our increasingly globalised world multiculturalism is pervasive and embracing it is key to continuous growth and success.

The definition of diversity may vary by geography, culture, industry, and even by person. Ultimately we believe that inclusion and diversity is not just about representing designated categories but about embracing an array of perspectives and realising the power of this in driving business performance.

The only way to do this is with commitment from your leadership. Having an inclusive and well-balanced management team is the strongest way to attract and retain the best workforce, and understanding how your leaders view diversity and how this is shaping your culture is a key step in fostering inclusivity. Equally important is understanding unconscious biases in your organisation and the processes that are working against your inclusion and diversity aspirations. These challenges need to be faced proactively, not prompted by the loss of core talent – by then it is already too late.

Many firms have begun to tread this path by setting diversity and inclusion targets, but achieving them is rarely straightforward. Even those making the greatest strides still have much work to do. We believe that looking for the same people in the same places can never foster a diverse and balanced workforce. What is needed is a multi-faceted, tailored solution to help organisations maximise their potential through their people. Leading clients on this journey is what we do.

Simplicity, transparency and collaboration are core to our values. We are signatories of the Women on Boards Voluntary Code of Conduct for Executive Search Firms.