eg.1 perform™


There’s always a great deal of anticipation that goes with a new hire. Ensuring that they are a success is paramount to us, as it is to our clients.

Our Occupational Psychology practice works with our clients to benchmark and develop new hires in order to ensure that they perform and realise their potential to the fullest.

Of course, given the rigour of our process, we know that they can do the job, but true achievement comes from the continuous collaboration of both employee and employer. Ensuring all parties involved have the right expectations and are equipped with the tools to bring about a successful union means that new hires not only hit the ground running, but are able to accelerate to their full potential more quickly.

As a new senior hire settles in, we engage a number of initiatives to support both them and you:
Benchmark Assessments – Key performance markers and comparative analyses
Transition Coaching Programmes – Activity focus during early months
Leadership Coaching – Channelling strengths, illuminating blind spots
Succession Planning – Understanding an individual’s leadership capability and potential.