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Professional Services

Because successful services require successful talent

As part of the professional services sector ourselves, at eg.1 we have a unique ability to locate and interact with outstanding individuals and teams with the credibility, dynamism and ambition to make a game-changing difference to any global organisation.

With the global economic climate still uncertain, organisations are increasingly shifting their emphasis to people, innovation and finding new avenues for growth.

We have over a decade of expertise in executive search, spanning the full spectrum of professional services, from management consulting and advisory services to IT and outsourcing. We’ve delivered game-changing leadership for some of the world’s most prestigious professional services brands, as well as many high-growth start-ups.

At eg.1 we believe the very best firms are not driven by mediocre individuals

Our global network of executive recruiters work with our clients to help them develop new propositions, diversify their core services, create new and profitable competencies and expand into new industries and territories.

In every case, the most important factor in overseeing and achieving these goals is their people.

Those with leadership qualities in their DNA are in short supply and high demand. At eg.1, we specialise in overseeing human capital search programs worldwide, giving our clients the inside track on industry leading talent.

Specialists in individual executive search and large-scale team reorganisations

Finding and attracting outstanding individuals with the skillset, credibility and gravitas to change the game for organisations is only half of the battle.

Our global executive recruiters are also well-versed in the re-organisation and design of large-scale teams that are often necessary for world leading organisations to introduce new products and services.

With ever-changing consumer behaviours, many of our professional services clients face an uphill battle to innovate and locate qualified talent to invest in. Our proven track record helps our clients to design more efficient, valuable organisations centred around first-class individuals that want to make their mark.

Our Specialist Team

Andrew GrayFounder & CEO

Andrew.Gray@eg1.co.uk 07785 573 738