Executive Search

We’re global executive search experts that find game-changing individuals

At eg.1, we recognise that if your business objective is to grow, scale or disrupt the market into new territories, sectors or services, a game-changing process is required.

The traditional approach to growth agendas is to focus on maximising existing capabilities, engaging M&A firms and embarking upon a recruitment process.

However, this often results in a disparity between M&A identification processes and strategic recruitment pursuits. Thus, leading to wasted time and resources, overlooked recruits and the force-fitting of the wrong individuals into your business.

What if there was a better way?

What if you could gain access to game-changing individuals, teams and companies to enable your growth objectives?

Better still, what if they were qualified, assessed and ready to engage in dialogue with you?

Welcome to eg.1’s global executive search agency

We boast more than a decade of experience enabling organisations to build game-changing capability. We do this through the combined identification and acquisition of key people, teams and companies and by leveraging our own proven delivery process and strategy-enhancing data.

The end result? An accelerated, sustainable growth platform for our clients, leading to increased revenues and market share.

Understanding the eg.1 way

The key to executive recruitment success is simple. Our global team takes the time to understand and leverage the interdependencies between company, team and key individual acquisitions.

Our seven-phase executive search process is proven to change the game for many of the world’s biggest organisations:

Phase One

  • An initial briefing meeting helps us to gain a thorough understanding of your business and find out what it needs.
  • A profile is designed to attract and inform potential candidates, teams and companies.
  • We target and focus our search to find the best people, teams and/or companies possible.

Phase Two

  • A benchmark profile is presented to validate and refine the executive search progress.

Phase Three

  • eg.1’s research team draws up an exhaustive list of targets for our assignment leader to assess on your behalf.

Phase Four

  • eg.1 presents the most appropriate three-to-five targets to you, with full expectations set on both sides.

Phase Five

  • An efficient interview and assessment process is undertaken, working with you to make sure the candidates, teams or companies progress smoothly.

Phase Six

  • During the negotiation and finalisation stage, we maintain an open dialogue to ensure everyone’s expectations are managed and that the perfect game-changer is recruited.

Phase Seven

  • We adopt a 100-day integration plan for your new recruit(s). This helps to mitigate any risk for newly acquired individuals, teams or companies.
  • Our Leadership Consultants engage in several initiatives to support your new recruits – from benchmark assessments to leadership coaching.


Our Specialist Team

Andrew GrayFounder & CEO

Andrew.Gray@eg1.co.uk 07785 573 738