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Help your game-changing individuals realise their full potential

We specialise in recognising and harnessing senior talent for industry leading organisations around the world. Ensuring new senior hires are a success is as important to us as it is to our clients.

Working alongside our clients and their new senior hires we provide the support to ensure they reach peak performance as quickly as possible and play a game-changing role for their organisation.

The GC Index® framework

Our scientific approach to leadership is based on our close alignment with a The GC Index – the world’s first organimetric that enables employers to identify and value the potential impact and contribution people can make to organisational goals.

The GC Index measures proclivity i.e. how individuals make their best impact, both individually and collectively as part of a game-changing team. As your new senior hire settles in, our team engages a number of initiatives alongside The GC Index® framework to ensure success. These include:

Benchmark Assessments

Senior leadership roles are unique to any global organisation, which is why we tailor our approach. Our Occupational Psychology team work with us to develop the assessment criteria to ensure we find the most suitable candidate for you.

Transition Coaching Programmes

Working closely with your new senior hires to support them in transitioning into their new team to ensure they make a positive impact in their role and on the business.

Leadership Coaching

Helping senior hires to channel their strengths and illuminate blind spots/weaknesses when thinking about how they will achieve objectives.

Succession Planning

Helping you plan carefully for succession, pinpointing individuals’ leadership capabilities and potential by assessing how they make an impact and measuring personal development.



Our Specialist Team

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