Market Intelligence

Supercharge your organisation with game-changing insights & people.

eg.1 is a market intelligence provider trusted by global blue-chips and local market leaders looking for bespoke, actionable insight. We increase our clients’ market share through two core offerings:

Commercial Intelligence

Designed to identify potential investment opportunities with the highest returns, services include:

  • Client identification and spend analysis
    Identify potential clients and their respective budgets.
  • Market sizing and trending
    Measuring the short and long-term trends of existing and emerging markets.
  • Pricing models and benchmarking
    Identify attractive prices for your product(s) or service(s).
  • Key decision-maker analysis
    Complete that next big deal by talking to the right people.

Talent Intelligence

Designed to identify, attract and retain the best people to drive organisational success, services include:

  • M&A opportunity identification
    Proactively pinpoint companies aligned to your business ethos.
  • Competitor profiling and analysis
    Determine the internal strengths and weakness of current and potential competitors.
  • Key talent identification
    Identify game-changing recruits that would add tremendous value to your business.
  • Reward and remuneration models
    A key factor in attracting, retaining and engaging employees.

Ordinary talent intelligence firms help organisations do what they have always done. At eg.1, the goal is to help clients achieve game changing results. eg.1 is the only business insight and talent firm that can advise the executive boards of professional services companies on the entire growth life cycle.

We tell you where you currently stand relative to competition, where you can get to according to market signals and industry demand and how to get there by acquiring the right individuals, teams and companies.

Our Specialist Team

Qing MakHead of MI and D&I

qing.mak@eg1.co.uk 07832 659 900