Professor Adrian Furnham tells us how organisations can #ChangeTheGame


We have been using The GC Index for some time now to help our partners create game-changing teams.

Last week, The GC Index team interviewed Professor Adrian Furnham, Management Expert and Professor of Psychology, as part of their new GCI video series.

Here, he talks about the story behind The GC Index and discusses how organisations are using it to support transformational change.

To hear more from Professor Adrian Furnham visit The GC Index YouTube Channel.

How should you measure the quality of hire?

Nathan Ott, Director, eg.1

Nathan Ott, Director, eg.1

Nathan Ott, Director at eg.1 was asked “How should you measure the quality of hire?”

“Too many organisations continue to focus on qualifications, past experience and personality when it comes to recruiting and judging the quality of the individuals that they hire. Focusing solely on who ‘fits’ into your organisation and who appears to get on with your team is the wrong approach. The quality of hire should be judged by the real contribution they are making. To do this successfully employers need to be clear about what it is their new hire is there to achieve. By understanding how they are going to contribute, whether this is by engaging their team, building on what has been done before or developing a new idea, organisations can give their new hire the freedom and time to achieve their potential.”

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Now is the time to help ‘game changers’ to transform our future

Now is the time to help ‘game changers’ to transform our future.

If you think game changers are a different breed, then you are right, so says Nathan Ott, Co-Founder of The GC Index.

Our research, The DNA of a Game Changer, shows game changers are unlike others – they have the potential to transform our future.

In our rapidly changing world, businesses are faced with challenges from technology and new market entrants who play by different rules. To meet these threats we need leaders who can re-invent the game.

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HR Zone

Procurious – Big Ideas Video


‘My Big Idea’ is 3-minute video, which challenges thought leaders to share their Big Ideas for the future of procurement.

eg.1 CEO, Nathan Ott’s ‘Big Idea’ is that everyone can contribute. In his Big Ideas video, he argues that while not everyone is a “GameChanger, everyone is capable of making game-changing contributions, from the top to the bottom of the organisation. However, in order to do this, organisations need to create a culture where is it safe to fail & these ‘Game Changers’ are not seen as disruptive, pigeon-holed, or made to conform. Only by doing this then can organisations create a real step towards change.

Watch Nathan’s Video here.




eg.1 at TM Forum in Nice

eg.1 CEO, Nathan Ott and Chief Psychologist, Dr. John Mervyn-Smith are in Nice this week for TM Forum Live.

The event runs from 9 – 12 May, with companies across the globe attending.

Today they will be taking part in an Executive Summit on “Building a Game-Changing organisation!.

Nathan will be on stage at 14.00 talking about Game Changers and Game-Changing Teams, then Nathan and John will be running a deep-dive session on Game Changers at 16.30.

To find out more about the event click here.

If you are in Nice for the event, get in touch we would love to hear from you!